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Feeding Pillow Truck & Car Stripes | Little Darling
Sabahat Jaleel (Islamabad, IS, PK)

received product and satisfactory setting

4 Pcs Woolen Gift Set Pink Color | Little Darling
Sabahat Jaleel (Islamabad, IS, PK)

overall quality is good

Baby Mittens Pair Pk Of 2 Star Print | Little Darling
Sabahat Jaleel (Islamabad, IS, PK)
Received Items

Overall staff id cooperative and responding

missing items

4 Pcs woolen set in half white colour cap is missing (my order is not complete)


Good quality. Fits tommee tippee 5 oz feeder but with difficulty.

Very Good Product Quality

Shark Print Head Pillow | Little Darling
Rehman Saleem (Doha, DA, QA)

product is not as per photos. its irregular shaped. uneven at filled areas. would have never purshased if i have seen in real

Pollar Vest Sleeveless White | Little Darling
Fizza Haseeb (Gujranwala, PB, PK)
Received wrong product

I ordered pollar vest and received pa pack of 3 cotton vest

Love the quality

It was a amazing and cute romper with fluffy stuff and comfortable ❤️❤️❤️

The fabric and quality is so good but the the onpy disappointing feature is that the base is not padded enough, it must come with a mattress or the padding should have been more soft beacuse the base of the jest is too hard for a baby

Mitten Pk of 2 Plain White | Little Darling
Azim Qureshi (Karachi, SD, PK)
White Mittens

Each mitten is of different size, quality was good but size of one hand is different from the other one... Rider was roude plus over expensive product

Baby Woolen Vest Sleeveless Pk of 3 | Little Darling

New born baby

Excellent stuff ND comfortable

Good experience

When I ordered its price was around 5 k. Now it's price is only 3210 and new status is sold out. It's means you are giving discounts only one sold items. Interesting 😉

Caps, baby mittens

A1 quality best best

Baby Feeder Cover Pk Of 2 Truck & Car | Little Darling
Ume Aimen Siddiqui (Karachi, SD, PK)

Right on time...good quality stuff..

Perfect Size

We have bought these for new born. The cut and size is perfect.

Baby Carry nest Plain I Love Dad | Little Darling
Rai Hassan Hassan (Lahore, PB, PK)

Baby Carry nest Plain I Love Dad | Little Darling

Baby Feeder Cover White Color | Little Darling
Ismail Ismail (Lahore, PB, PK)




Beautiful 🥰😍

Pollar Vest Half Sleeve Peach Color | Little Darling

Baby Feeder Cover White Color | Little Darling
Fozia Mehmood (Hassan Abdal, PB, PK)

Good quality

Pollar Vest White | Little Darling
Muhammad Ashraf (Faisalabad, PB, PK)
Polar vest

Very light weight and warm